Case Study

The Fortitude Music Hall

The Project:

Hutchinson Builders engaged ADG CDS to aid in the repurposing of an existing 1900s steel-framed structure at 312 Brunswick Street in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley into the iconic 3400-person capacity Fortitude Music Hall venue.

The four-level commercial space has two basement carpark levels, and includes a 200 square metre stage, concert hall, bar and 1700 square meters of tenancy spaces.

Project Value: $43 million | Project timeline: 2018 – 2019

Construction challenges

The most significant project challenges included:

  • Unknown structural and material conditions across the existing building, and suitability of the existing structural capacity for intended redevelopment:
    • Spalling of concrete slabs induced by the long-term corrosion of cast in steel reinforcement
    • Very low-quality concrete and constriction techniques
    • Detailing large structural frames to connect into existing beams and columns. ​
  • Verifying structural design life to meet current codes of practice.
  • Balancing the cost and strengthening implications of required structural intervention works.


ADG CDS solution

Prior to commencing design and construction, ADG CDS conducted a comprehensive structural investigation of the original building, enabling ADG Engineers to provide strategic design solutions for areas needing strengthening — ultimately lowering the overall cost of the project for Hutchinson Builders and setting the foundations for enhanced safety, efficiencies and optimisation of the project.

Services provided

  • Material sampling and testing
  • Virtual recreation of the as-built existing structure
  • Dilapidation surveys
  • Point cloud scanning
  • 360-degree photogrammetry
  • Aerial photogrammetry and videography