Asset investigation to empower better decisions.

ABOUT ADG Construction Data Solutions (ADG CDS)

We help our clients unlock the potential of their assets.

ADG CDS are leaders in asset investigations, combining state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of modern engineering to undertake complex data assessments.

As the trusted data solutions arm of nationally recognised engineering firm ADG Engineers, our team of technical experts use innovative, non-invasive measures to gather construction data and analyse investigation results — proactively managing risk to set the foundations for enhanced safety, efficiencies and optimisation.

Our curiosity and passion for problem-solving ensures our clients develop a deep understanding of their assets, helping them make the most of unrealised opportunity.



Glen wheeldon

Principal Physicist


Strategy Manager

Lachlan Pagan

Structural Engineer and Business Development Manager

Carmen Molenaar

Senior Forensic Engineer

Connor Clarke

Project Coordinator

Chris Werkmeister

Senior Technician

Alex Tapsall

Field Technician